Currently on Hiatus.

Hi. I'm Zoni. I used to blog about the British band Muse, but right now I'm on hiatus.
Don't worry, I'll come back eventually. Or, maybe not. Who knows.

None of the pictures or gifs are mine unless stated otherwise.


if you’re into Marvel and Hannibal and other awesome people and tv shows and movies you should follow my blog ok bye I love you all thank you

is anyone up for a chat? im kinda bored… 

Anonymous asked:
that anon is really dumb just ugh no, you are super duper cute and wonderful and pay no attention to that fuckface you are so great asdf too cute for words dude xxx

thank you. really. x

Anonymous asked:
Youre so fucking ugly and fat ew

wow, what a lovely thing to come home to after like 6 months. guess what, i know x